Do You Have a Joseph Calling?

Turn your adversity into an opportunity.

Free Joseph Calling Video Webinar

Learn the 6 Stages to Discover, Navigate and Fulfill your Divine Purpose!

This class is for people who are navigating a difficult time in life. If you have relationship problems, work problems, health and wellness problems, financial problems and feel like your life is a mess - there is a MESSAGE in your mess you need to hear about - sign up for free to learn more! Discover in this web class how to discover the larger story of your life!

"This has been a tremendous blessing to me to understand that what I thought was spiritual warfare, is in fact, actually preparation to help others who have had a similar crisis. Thank you!" - Tom

     In this Free 40 minute web class, you will discover:
  • The Biblical character of Joseph and lessons you can apply to your own life if you are experiencing a trial
  • The 4 reasons people go through adversity and come out stronger because of it
  • The 6 stages God takes people through to fulfill their purpose
  • The number one attribute you must have to gain influence with others
  • Why people who go through the greatest adversity or pain often have the greatest Kingdom impact
  • Why the door to experiencing your larger story in life almost always includes a current or past crisis
  • How to turn your messes into opportunities for new messages and assignments from God
  • Why God is raising up His Josephs for such a time as this!
  • What to do when your life seems to be stalled , unfair, or if you think God is "punishing you".
  • How others have been dramatically impacted by the Joseph Calling or Joseph experience message
  • Plus so much more - this is a free class!
Os Hillman,
author of 24 books and recognized leader in faith&work
The door to God's larger story almost always includes a crisis event. 
If you feel stuck in life or are facing a specific crisis - Watch this FREE class today!
"In his powerful new book, Os Hillman illustrates we are not designed without a purpose, our larger story. Our purpose is not just what we do. Calling and anointing go together. Adversity builds Christlikeness. What will others say when your life is over? Os beautifully and intentionally shows that God develops character in His messengers through waiting, testing and failure. Humility is the most important characteristic. From light to darkness, abuse to praise, isolation to temptation, pain and betrayal lead to maturity as we learn to respond as Jesus did maximizing our leadership as his creation. I heartily endorse it." 

- Tom Phillips, Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, 
Vice President, Executive Director, Billy Graham Library

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Who is Os Hillman?
Os Hillman is an internationally recognized speaker, author, and consultant on the subject of faith at work. Hillman has written 24 books on faith and work-related subjects and a daily workplace email devotional entitled TGIF - Today God Is First that is read by several hundred thousand people daily in 105 countries. Os is married to Pamela and they live in north Atlanta.
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