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Os Hillman
“The Joseph Calling material was a life-changing teaching program that helped me navigate a very difficult season in my life. Os Hillman has a wealth of knowledge that gave me hope, knowledge and a process I could embrace to successfully walk through that season of my life. It truly was a life saver.”
 - Kathy Branson, St. Louis, MO

8 Session Joseph Calling MasterClass
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Os Hillman - author of the Joseph Calling Book, speaker, consultant and coach.
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What is your God-sized assignment? God has an assignment for you a God-sized destiny for you to fulfill. How can you know what it is, and what is the process to walk in that calling? Even if you are going through a difficult time in a relationship, in a business, or with your finances, you can have hope.

The Joseph Calling presents six unique stages, taught live over an 8 session online course that many people pass through to fulfill their destiny. Such was the case for Joseph in the Bible he was a dreamer with a calling. After being the favored son, his brothers betrayed him, which led to a thirteen-year journey of hardship, humble circumstances, accusations, and pain. But God used Joseph's adversities to fulfill a larger story to be a spiritual and physical provider for others. Josephs today are men and women, old and young, who are set apart by God for his divine purposes. God can use your adversities and raise you up and out of the pits you face in your life right now. If you wonder about your divine purpose or if you are facing a difficult trial, you need to enroll in this course.

In The Joseph Calling 8 Week Mentoring Program, Os Hillman will share: 

** Why knowing your purpose is key to fulfilling your purpose. We’ll help you discover your purpose.
** How to receive your "manna" when passing through your desert season.
** Whether you have a Joseph Calling and how to embrace it
** Why God often allows a vision to die first before He fulfills it
** How God uses finances or lack of finances to direct your steps
** Understand the role adversity plays in fulfilling your purpose
** My top 10 golden rules for success
** Discover how to leverage your adversity for a new calling and career
** Why some people don't fulfill their purpose and how you can avoid being one of them
** Discover how to embrace your adversity and gain incredible benefits from your valley experience
** Why the level of adversity corresponds to the depth and width of your influence
** Why disruptions are first signals that you're about to get an upgrade with God and a new assignment
** plus so much more!

God has a plan for you at every stage of life. He wants you to know his assignment for you and only you so you can live an intentional and purpose-filled life. Scroll down to the bottom of his page and click on the orange enrollment button below to get started and save $100 before October 7.
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What's In the MasterClass Course?
  • Session 1 – Discover Your Purpose
  • During this session you will learn how to discover your purpose and write out your purpose statement. Discover why some never fulfill their purpose.
    $67 Value.
  • Session 2 – Do You Have a Joseph Calling
  • What is a Joseph Calling and what do you need to know about this unique process that God uses to raise up leaders. Learn to apply important truths to walk through difficult seasons successfully.
    $67 Value.
  • Session 3 – 6 Stages of the Joseph Calling
  • You will learn the 6 stages and we will focus on stage 1 & 2, the Recruitment stage and the Character building stage in depth. How to receive "manna" during your desert season. How to navigate difficult financial seasons. 
    $67 Value.
  • Session 5 – Problem Solving and Networks
  • Discover why God raises Josephs to solve a problem and how networks are key to leveraging what God has called you to do.
    $67 Value.
  • Session 6 – Overcoming Hindrances to Fulfill Your Destiny
  • Discover how the devil seeks to steal, kill and destroy from our lives and how to take back ground that he has stolen in your life. Discover how generational strongholds try to hinder us from fulfilling our purpose.
    $67 Value.
  • Session 7 – Hearing God in Your Worklife Call –My Top 10 Golden Rules for Success
  • Discover the 10 ways God speaks and how you personally hear from God. We will reveal Os Hillman’s top 10 Golden Rules for business success.
    $67 Value.
  • Session 8 – Understand and Walk in Your Authority to Experience Miracles
  • Learn how to use the spiritual authority God has given to you to overcome obstacles and achieve the larger story of your life.
    $67 Value.
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Signed Joseph Calling Book

We'll send you a signed copy of Os Hillman's new book. 
Os give you a thorough understanding of the Joseph Calling and why people go through adversity He'll show you how to turn your adversity into a new calling and use that adversity to impact the lives of others. He'll show you have to be a spiritual and physical provider to others.             
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Joseph Calling eBook Study Guide

This 12-week eBook study course on the Joseph Calling will be emailed to your inbox for immediate download. This 12-week study allows you to dig deeper into the spiritual insights Os reveals in the Joseph Calling book. Great for small groups or personal study.  $37 Value

Receiving Your Inheritance Two Part E-Course

5 truths about receiving your inheritance , The processes God will take you through to receive your inheritance, Why it is important to know your purpose that leads to your inheritance
Why we are always attacked in the place of our inheritance , Some of the reasons we could be prevented from receiving our inheritance, How we can receive in the wrong way, What the Parable of the Talents reveals about our inheritance after death. You will receive a link to view online.                                                                                                            Over $197 Value
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